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Gallifrey Records Master Post.



That one time the Tenth Doctor was a rock star, and Rose Tyler was his opening act.

(co-authored by allrightfine and gallifreyburning)

logo by songfordecem

Fic (in chronological order):

Gallifrey Records:
Part 1/3 + Part 2/3 + Part 3/3

Gallifrey Records II (the School Reunion Remix):
Part 1/1

Domestics (the Meet the Parents Mash-Up):
Part 1/1

Logistics (the Moving In Mash-Up):
Part 1/1 

April Fools’ Day:
Part 1/1

Gallifrey Records III (the Doomsday Compilation):
Part 1/2 + Part 2/2

Gallifrey Records IV (the GitF Bootlegs):
Part 1/2 + Part 2/2

Commentary for Gallifrey Records IV

The First Time the Doctor Sees Jackie Again + The First Time They Went on a Date Again:
Part 1/1

The First Time They Held Hands Again + The First Time They Shared a Bed:
Part 1/1

The First Time Rose Kissed the Doctor Again (and Vice Versa):
Part 1/1

Final GitF Bootleg (or the first time they slept together):
Part 1/2 + Part 2/2

Gallifrey Records V, Five Times The Doctor and The Master Play Music Together (and One Time They Don’t.):
Part 1/3 + Part 2/3 + Part 3a/3 + Part 3b/3 

The Layover Sampler:
Part 1/1

The Solo Album Import:
Part 1/1

The Acoustic Collaboration:
Part 1/1

The Charity Broadcast:
Part 1/2 + Part 2/2 + Epilogue

upcoming albums (fic set in some undefined time in the future/baby fic):

Better With Three Box Set:
Disc 1 + Disc 2 + Disc 3 + Disc 4

The Human Nature EP:
Part 1/5 + Part 2/5 + Part 3/5 + Part 4/5 + Part 5/5

compilation albums (fic that spans multiple time frames):

Five Times the Doctor Took his Clothes Off (and One Time it was just for Rose.):
Part 1/1

Five Times there was Kissing (and One Time there wasn’t.):
Part 1/2 + Part 2/2

b-sides + unfinished tracks (or tag fic, basically):

These are be available over on the Gallifrey Records Tumblr, for easy-reading! In the meantime, here are the original posts:

  • On Stage: [x]
  • Record Store: [x]
  • Sharing a Bed: [x]
  • Paintball: [x]
  • Interviews: [x]
  • Music Festival: [x]
  • Video Filming: [x]
  • Holding Down the Fort [x]
  • Hiding Clothes [x]
  • Muddy Backstage [x]
  • Fighting at the Bungalow [x]
  • Gridlock [x]
  • Movie Theatre [x]
  • Press Day Stress [x]
  • Old Photos [x]
  • Post-Doomsday Shower [x]
  • RTD and a Beach in Norway [x] Vegas [x]
  • Powell Estate Bag Lunch [x]
  • Post-Doomsday Shopping [x]
  • Camera Phone Photos at Jackie’s [x]
  • School Kids and Blonde Braids [x]
  • Gallifrey Records at an Incubus Concert (birthday fic for Anna) [x]
  • Best Suds [x]
  • Theta, Koschei, Floppy Hair [x]
  • What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting the Master [x]
  • Public Lewdness with Theta and Koschei [x]

actual songs from the first several fics in gallifrey records, a mix cd

the second album of songs from fics in gallifrey records, another mix cd

cover songs & album art (or stuff other people have created)

(Also on Teaspoon and Livejournal!)


I am a bit drunk and J. just started to watch Supernatural. And I am watching this with him. And I hate that white lady and I KNOW I’m gonna scream again on a car scene. AND OMFG Jared you adorable baby!!!!!!!!

ugh typing on phone is hard

And Jensen aaaawwww how can I watch this with cold face, I cannot not awwww when you look like that on the screen!!!!