This is my big THANK YOU to you all, my amazing followers, all the people who shared and enjoyed our SuA adventure - Richard II program, signed personally by David Tennant!

How to join?

reblog this post

answer one simple question HERE: Which Shakespearean character would you like David Tennant to play next?

add your url to your answer: character’s name / your url

it ends in two weeks, October 31st at midnight (UK time)

I’m gonna use random number generator and choose one person who reblogged the post and answered the question.

I’ll ship it worldwide

Any questions?


(of course almost the whole cover of the program is white - David still succeeded to sign on the only one dark bit :P)

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, reblogging is not enough to have a chance to win! :)

Today was a truly crazy day. And I discovered that you can find kindness and generosity in the place where you really didn’t expect to find it.

I’m going on a conference and I won’t be here till Sunday late evening.

So be good and inform me about any unexpected trailers etc XD

Gallifrey Records: The Wedding Album, Part 4/4. (Finished!)



All right y’all, fourth and final section for this wedding reception round of fic tennis! If you’ve missed the celebration so far, Part OnePart Two, and Part Three. If you aren’t one for weddings, savior “Gallifrey Records” or “fic tennis.” If you need a Gallifrey Records refresher course, there’s also a master post.

(Jamie’s Obligatory Rating Note: final section is adult.)


The next morning, Rose wakes up in the turret room, snuggled into a four-poster bed covered in fluffy duvets and feather pillows. She stays still for a while, warm beneath the blankets, staring at the curtains draped overhead. It seems somewhat appropriate that she should have spent the night in a castle, like a princess, right before her wedding celebration. What with the fuss and dresses and champagne to come, she’s got a veritable smorgasbord of royal hoops to jump through.

The only thing missing from today’s schedule are a polo match and a coronation.

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