Are you looking for some Doctor x Rose fic recs?



As It Should Be - The Doctor and Rose Tyler

This is a site, still under construction and adding fic lists, that is dedicated to the Doctor and Rose Tyler, highlighting fanfiction rec lists that are organised for each Doctor and also under similar “themes” (such as reunion, angst, hurt/comfort, adventure, and so much much more).  As I said, fic rec lists are constantly being added and expanded on.  The Tenth Doctor lists are the most comprehensive so far but we have some great lists going for Tentoo and the Ninth Doctor with so much more planned for posting.  There’s a contact form if you have a fic that you think needs to be added to one of the lists and suggestions are always appreciated. 

These rec lists are great for when you need some really good fic and have a specific craving in mind! 

Check it out today. ;)