Zen and the Art of Aesthetic Farming (6/6)


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Rose/Tentoo, Adult (very mildly NSFW this chapter)







When the crop circles start to appear, the Doctor is exceedingly annoyed. 

They are standing up on a hill overlooking the northern field.  Below them, a strange, almost Celtic pattern has been pressed into the wheat.

“Well, it’s sort of pretty,” says Rose with a shrug.  “And we don’t really need the wheat, strictly speaking.  I mean, we’ll still have enough for the animals and all that, right?”

“Pretty!  Pretty!  Rose, just look at that,” the Doctor ranted, waving his hands about in disgust.  “That doesn’t say ‘authentic farm’ to anybody.  In fact, it doesn’t say anything at all, in any language, past, present, or future.  It’s like a giant, nonsensical, hipster tattoo in the middle of our crops!”

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What I Must Learn to Believe In, 1/?


"Looks the same but isn’t the same, isn’t that what he kept going on about?" Rose adjusts to life in the parallel world.

Recommended listening: Home, Beauty and the Beast (the musical). (The beginning doesn’t quite fit as she’s raging against the Beast, but the rest works. Also, title comes from this.)

Beta: re-sile


i was told every day in my childhood, even when we grow old: home will be where the heart is. never were words so true.

my heart’s far, far away. home is, too.


Chapter 1

            It’s the easiest thing to get used to, in the end. The zeppelins. It’s so foreign, so different, that seeing one traipse across the sky is almost comforting. A welcome (or not so welcome; depends on the day) reminder that this isn’t home; isn’t the world she’s used to.

            It’s little things that throw her off balance. Ketchup and mustard have switched names. There’s a different name for the currency, a different picture. No coins. Funny, she’d had one in her pocket when—and now she just has this piece of money that couldn’t buy much back home and that doesn’t even exist here. (She gets a hole drilled in it, puts it on the chain with her key. Keeps it close to her heart. A reminder of where she’s from.)

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prompt: tentoo/rose, he tells her about River and what he suspects she is to the future him.


He tells her haltingly, as if he’s embarrassed, or worried she may take offense. She cannot, for the life of her, imagine why. When he’s done there is silence: her digesting, him waiting, anticipating. The silence stretches for too long and he squirms.

"Say something," he asks - asks, does not beg - hoarsely. Slowly a smile breaks over her lips and she shakes her head, reaches out and cups his cheek. 

"You daft alien," she finally says, moving from beside him on the sofa to his lap, sliding into her hand into his hair. He looks up at her, mouth agape and eyes clouded with confusion and something like tentative awe. "I bet you drive her absolutely spare."

TentooRose and their first 'proper' date :D


She supposes he could’ve wooed her with champagne and roses, though the latter would be a bit on the nose. He also could’ve tried the old running-for-our-lives tactic, knowing how sweat adds to the slide of skin against skin pressed against rough brick walls in almost-exposed corners and how its saltiness adds to the flavor of her skin where her neck meets her shoulder. He could have taken her to the movies, or out to dinner, or to the park, or whisked her away to some exotic locale to recall the whirlwind travel of their former lives. 

Instead he comes home with a massive bouquet of daisies as two bundles of newspaper emitting the unmistakable scent of vinegar and salt.

"It’s our first date," he says with shy smile as she takes the flowers, too gobsmacked to speak, "we’re having chips."

ADVENT CALENDAR PROMPT - Tentoo/Rose, homemade glögg :)


The Doctor (Tentoo), Rose Tyler

Rose is pregnant and is starting to freak out over everything they have to do before the baby gets there, but the Doctor has a surprise.

Rating: Teen
Genre: fluff, romance, pregnancy!fic 
Word count: 2995

Standing by the table with plates full of gingersnaps, Rose watches her husband chat with their Swedish neighbours Markus and Emelie—in perfect Swedish, of course—about the glögg they’re drinking. The Doctor fishes out a couple of raisins and an almond out of the drink with his spoon, snacking on them as he talks. He told Rose all about it—this Swedish mulled wine spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove—when they got ready for their neighbours’ Christmas party earlier, told her how excited he felt about tasting it for the first time in centuries, with a new mouth and all. She dips a gingersnap in her glögg, petting her slight bump and sucking the non-alcoholic liquid from the biscuit before taking a bite.

“Pregnant women are so beautiful,” George, another neighbour, says, smiling at her. “I’ve always thought so.”

“Thank you.”

“When’s the little one due?”

“Sixth of March.”

“That soon? You’re so small!”

“Yeah.” She pats her belly. “Everyone says.”

“You and your husband must be so excited!”

Rose smiles. “Yeah.”

“And maybe a little bit stressed? Only a few months left. What colour did you choose for the nursery?”

“Uhm…” Rose swallows. “Yellow.”

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object permanence (tentoo/rose)


The Doctor’s face is carefully neutral. “Rose, you have to understand–”

“You’re right,” she snaps, interrupting. “I do have to understand, because right now I don’t.” The sharp words feel good, solid and satisfying, in the same way a well-placed left hook or a solid, cracking slap might be. “So why don’t you explain it to me?”

crazyandsexy asked “tentoo/rose a very angsty row but with happy end.”
(Fill #14 for my 2013 fic advent calendar).

It’s dark by the time they make it to Bergen from the beach.

When they arrive, Jackie goes to check them into the hotel while Rose pays the cab driver. The Doctor hovers behind her as she counts out the unfamiliar currency, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets. His eyes, though ostensibly occupied with taking in the sights and sounds of the city at night, stray back to Rose every few seconds, as though he’s certain that she’ll disappear if he stops looking at her for too long.

When they meet Jackie in the lobby, her mum presents Rose with a single room key and casts a concerned and significant look between her and the Doctor. She then promptly announces, loud enough for the entire lobby to hear, that she’s knackered and is going to bed.

“You tired?” Rose asks the Doctor, after her mum’s gone, and he pauses for a moment before responding – tilting his head to one side and squinting, as if he has to think very deliberately about his answer.

“Yeah,” is the halfhearted answer he settles on, after a few seconds. “Guess I am.”

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Teaspoon :: A Different Sort of Shag or Die by azriona

 “Standard procedure,” the detective continued, his hands nervously shuffling through his papers, and then fumbling a pen. “To post bail. In person. For — ah — indiscreet activities in which two people are — ah — that is, indecent public acts of — ahh–”

“Fellatio?” asked Pete, and the poor detective’s head nearly popped off his shoulders.

It’s an old story and I found it accidentally (I have no idea how could I miss it!) and it completely made my shitty day.

Tentoo/Rose and Pete Tyler. Don’t eat or drink while reading. So funny and so in character… in a bit of a cracky way :)